Community Bible Study

What does the Andy Griffith Show have to do with the Bible? More than you might think. To illustrate a principle, Jesus often used a parable – an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Parables allow listeners to recognize real-life events as relevant examples of spiritual truth. In parables, Christians have a precedent for utilizing stories to convey important messages. Because the Bible is the most influential book in the world, modern writers borrow from it more often than we might think, whether they realize it or not. One fundamental way to use popular entertainment to engage a Christian worldview is to evaluate the story from a Scriptural perspective. Even a casual conversation about a TV show can afford and opportunity to witness. The first Sunday of each month we will view an episode of the Andy Griffith Show and use The Andy Griffith Show Bible Study Curriculum as our guide to glean life lessons from the Bible. There is no charge.

Click on the link below to print out a flier of the study.

Vacation Bible School: June 19-21 / VBS Commencement: June 22

As Galactic Starveyors, kids will search the skies and God’s Word to uncover God’s truth etched in His handiwork. They will discover that the God who created everything there is- the knowable and the unknowable, the visible and the invisible- wants a relationship with them! And from the very beginning, God had a plan to restore the relationship He knew we would break. God sent His son, Jesus, to be our Savior and His Holy Spirit to be our Helper. From the very beginning, to the furthest reaches of space (and beyond), nothing is outside God’s control or beyond His grasp. God loves us and will never leave us.

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